Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Key to memory... forgetting!

How do I improve my memory? Forget more!  How's that for a paradox?  This Huffington Post article observes how we are biologically programmed to forget, and this is in fact good for us!  Were we able to remember everything we would be overwhelmed by information.

The author provides the following summery of the value of forgetting thing.... If you cannot forget an old love, how do you fall in love again? Forgetting allows us to mold old memories, to learn, to forgive, to get on with life. Forgetting prunes our neural networks, allowing some to flourish and others to wither, improving efficiency. Rapid, automatic forgetting of all but a minute amount of the terabytes of data we are inundated with every day is a good thing. If your forgetfulness interferes with your function, seek medical help. If not, stop fretting. Relax and enjoy your memory. For everything else, there's always Google!

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