Tuesday, February 5, 2013

President Obama visits north Minneapolis

President Obama visited north Minneapolis yesterday as a part of his campaign to reduce gun violence in the United States (Obama hails Minneapolis gun efforts; his plans still face a fight).

Minneapolis' mayor, RT Rybak, is among many other city leaders tired of inaction on this pressing issue, while about 30,000 Americans die each year to gun shots. He stated "People are dying out there. I am not satisfied with the main sort of front from the people in Washington, that is sort of a game.  Where are the other people on this issue? Get a spine, get a backbone. People are losing their lives."

An interesting website, US Gun Murders in 2012, provides further information on the number of years lost and demographics of those killed by gun violence in the United States.

It seems bizarre that the N.R.A. has the audacity to suggest our gun happy nation needs more guns, not fewer, to quell the violence.  Seems a bit like suggesting to an alcoholic that they need to drink their way out of their problem.

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