Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The science of addictive foods

It is no accident that so many "junk foods" are addictive.  Major food corporations have been working diligently to make them just so.  An article in the New York Times, The extradorinary science of addictive junk food, describes the great lengths that these food companies go to in order to create cravings for their products.

These food addictions, which are created through product development and advertising, are not unlike the tobacco industry marketing campaigns to children and youth; highly effective and detrimental to one's health. The huge rise in obesity and diabetes among children and adults are evidence of unhealthy diets. Salt, sugar and fat are the primary ingredients for creating cravings. Foods that are tasty, cheap, and easy to prepare have considerable appeal over foods that are more nutritious, and which are more expensive and require greater time to prepare.

So, once again our nation's desire for things that are quick, cheap, easy AND tasty, while providing immediate gratification are also creating long-term problems for us.

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