Saturday, January 12, 2013

Record heat across the U.S.

Snowy footprints across the pond
became watery prints with
yesterday's warmth and rain
Seems that the predictions of global climate change are occurring.  Not only was it warmer this past year in the U.S., but the record was smashed by a full degree Fahrenheit over the previous record set in 1998.  Last year was 3.2 degrees warmer than the average for the entire 20th century. A StarTribune article, Last year hottest yet in the US since record keeping began in 1895; drought, mild winter factors provides additional details.

One of the consequences of climate change is a rise in  severe weather events.  The insurance industry has become acutely aware of this and is now on board with raising awareness of climate change (Climate change taken seriously by insurance industry, study says). This article notes that the industry is now having to pay claims of $50 billon a year for weather and climate related losses.  These claims have been doubling every decade since the 1980s.

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