Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fear mongering gone wild

I discovered a website that claims to have the mission of bringing ACTUAL fair and balanced coverage and opinion of news and events around the world.  This site promotes the rights of individuals, and provides access to the following booklets to their LampLighter Society members …

* How to hide your guns
* How to make primitive weapons
* How to kill a man with your bare hands
* Bartering with desperate people
* Get out of dodge
* How to make money after crisis
* How to build the ultimate bugout bag (survival kit)

Fear mongering anyone?  

I suggested on a Facebook posting that perhaps this group might create a local cable television series.  Turns out, they already have one!  It is called Doomsday Preppers.  I'm not making this up, though I certainly do wish I was! 


  1. Buy Guns leave them loaded for children to play with and wonder why there are so many children killed each year

    Here is a great short video that reminds us to secure all guns in a metal lockable gun safe away from children
    if video wont play coy and paste it in your internet browser

  2. Thanks for sharing a link to this well produced video. So sad indeed that children often have access to guns. If only the young man's mom who shot up the elementary school in Newtown would have been a spoon collector, rather than collecting guns in her home, considerable tragedy may have been avoided.