Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creativity abounds with time in nature

Nordic skiers
Nature is a place where our mind can rest, relax and let down those threat responses. Therefore, we have resources left over -- to be creative, to be imaginative, to problem solve -- that allow us to be better, happier people who engage in a more productive way with others.  -Ruth Ann Atchley, Department chair and associate professor of cognitive/clinical psychology at the University of Kansas

The quote above was in a column by Harvey McKay in the StarTribune, "Creativity: how to get ideas flowing."  He also referenced a test done by researchers on four groups of backpackers before they heading out for a series of long hikes.  They administered the same test to backpackers who were already fours days into their expedition, and discovered that those who had been out hiking were almost 50 percent higher in creativity than those who hadn't yet hit the trail.

I've experience first hand that being outside and moving does wonders for getting those creative juices flowing.

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