Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guns don't kill people

After hearing or the NRA's campaign slogan countless times I've finally come to understand it.  Of course guns don't kill people, it is those deadly bullets that do!

I heard Marion Wright Edelman, director of the Children's Defense Fund, share how since 1968 we have had 148,000 children die from gun violence in the United States.  The NRA had the audacity to suggest we need more guns to solve this violence epidemic.  A news article, Calif Schools police buy AR-15s to protect children, reports that a school district in California purchased 14 AR-15 rifles to keep its students safe from harm.

Why stop with the schools?  Using the NRA approach to protect our children we clearly need to train and arm our nation's bus drivers, day care workers, life guards, sports coaches, boy and girl scout leaders, Sunday School teachers.... Wherever children gather there should be at least one or two people armed with an AR-15 or the like. This is America and God knows we value the second amendment above all else!

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