Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lefse and a 5K

It was a blast to run a 5K trail run yesterday, sponsored by the City of Lakes Loppet.  The running courses they planned for the Loppet 5K, 13.1K and half marathon all went through a scenic and VERY hilly Theodore Wirth Park.

Prize mug
Being of Norwegian ancestry it felt like an auspicious start to the race when we were offered Mrs. Olson's Potato Lefse.  I couldn't help but enjoy a pre-race snack.

Following the run there was live music, Surly beer and more lefse!  For those of us who rode our bikes we were rewarded with an extra cup of beer.  I was extra pleased to receive a handcrafted mug, filled with beer, as a result of placing second in the 5K race.  I must confess that three beers before noon is a bit more than I'm used to ;-)  Thankfully I avoided any bike accidents on the ride home, and a possible RUI (riding while intoxicated).

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