Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cross country: no train, no gain

Crossing the finish line
It was awesome to witness 16  high school teams out running cross country at Bassett Creek Park yesterday, on a beautiful, sunny morning.

One of the things I admire most about cross country, and those who run, is the discipline required to become good.  There are no short cuts to becoming a great runner.  It often involves running outside in the cold, heat, wind, rain or snow.  Running just a bit harder than is comfortable is also essential much of the time.  While it helps to have the right body type, even that can be dramatically enhanced with steady training.

I discovered from some parents at the meet yesterday that they had a daughter in a race that lost nearly 50 pounds, thanks to running and a healthy diet.  It was amazing to see her now running competitively.
Bringing it home strong

Running the trail
Hats off to all of the young people who have chosen to run cross country.  The discipline involved in running cross country will certainly help them later in life.

Special kudos to Minneapolis Washburn High School cross country team, that ran spectacularly!

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