Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Diets for top performances and daily survival

Yesterday I visited a food shelf in South Minneapolis.  Like many social services, they have far greater demand than they have resources.  Later in the day I read a news piece from Minnesota Public Radio, Report: More children on food stamps, which noted there are now 500,000 Minnesotan's on food stamps, twice as many as there were in 2006.  The fastest growing group requiring food stamps are children. This is a disturbing trend.

While many children and young people struggle with simply getting enough to eat, others are focused on high performance diets. In the StarTribune an article, Top athletes believe diet is key to success, notes how many young people are giving up soda, and eating heathy foods to improve their athletic performances.  We got rid of pop in our house after our daughter's cross country coach let the runners know how bad it was for them.

I'm pleased to report that the Victory-Peace garden at our church has donated over 200 pounds of fresh vegetables to the local food shelf at PRISM.

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