Monday, August 6, 2012

What do you do?

I got a kick out of watching a truck commercial that is airing during the Olympics.  It starts off with a man in a busy neighborhood inquiring of what appears to be a new neighbor... "The Johnson's right... what do you do?".

The new guy really never answers, as he thinks for a moment while various scenes are played of him having fun with his family, playing chess with an older man, swimming, throwing a bale of hay in the back of his truck, splitting wood, a candlelight pizza dinner with a significant other, loading lumber, etc.

When asked what he does, it was nice to see a more reflective response than simply what he did to make money. That said, I don't think that he needed to buy a large pick-up truck to enjoy a full rich life.

During the next Olympics I'd love to see a commercial with a bike parked in the driveway and the comment will be "The Johnson's right... way to conserve energy and stay fit!" Video clips will then be provided of the new neighbor biking to work, the grocery store, a family outing to the library, and cycling to a park.  I'm just not sure of who the sponsor of this ad might be...

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