Monday, August 13, 2012

Spirit of the games

High fives following game
It was fun to witness the spirt of sportsmanship at the US Ultimate National Youth Club Championships held this past weekend in Blaine, MN.  Not only did these high school athletes demonstrate a high level of athletic ability, they also were off the charts in being fun and encouraging with their competition.  There were countless high fives throughout games by teams for their opponents when they made great plays.  How often do you see this in sport?

Sometimes during time outs while the seven active players from each of the teams gathered on the field with their coaches others from the sidelines got together members from the other team and played group games, such as "ninja".

Teams huddle together following game
Player wearing special prizes
Following the games the traditional sports line of high fives with the opposing team players occurs.  After this I noticed that many Ultimate teams often joined in a large intertwined circle with the other teams and provided encouraging remarks, and sometimes even prizes! The girls teams even share a creative song praising their competition... this is not so common with the boys ;-)

Hats off to the Minnesota Mixed Ultimate Team for winning the "Spirit of the Game" tournament award.  Congratulations also to the Minnesota boys team for taking first place in their division.
Ultimate layout and "D"

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