Sunday, July 31, 2011

The wealthy and taxes

Just yesterday during a radio broadcast I heard that a growing trend in camping is kids being flown into camp on private jets.  Hard to make sense of this during these difficult financial times for so many.

The budget debate continues to rage in Washington DC, as it has here in Minnesota. One of the proposals locally and nationally was to increase the taxes, back up to their previous levels, for those with the greatest resources.

I found a strong rationale for increasing the taxes on the wealthy from Darrell Egertson in today's StarTribune...

1. They have the most to protect -- with a strong military, good police force and firefighters.
2. They have the most to be grateful for, including that America has made it possible for them to become so wealthy.
3. They need a strong economy, which requires all people to have sufficient funds to buy the products of their firms. If products can't be sold because people are unemployed and broke, they have to lay off workers, further reducing demand, requiring even more layoffs.
4. It's not just the Christian thing to do, but the moral thing, found in all religions.
5. Because they can.

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