Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mink sighting at the park

I was glancing out my dining room window and much to my surprise I saw a mink bounding down along the edge of the street, by Bassett Creek Park.  Having never seen a mink in town before at first I figured it must have been someone's pet ferret that had escaped and was looking for greener pastures. I got my camera and followed it into the park.  Upon closer examination I discovered it was an American Mink.
Mink live throughout most of North America.  As a semi-aquatic creature they often live near water.  Mink eat rodentsfishcrustaceansamphibians and birds.  I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the vast array of wildlife in our suburban neighborhood.

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  1. I saw a mink a few years ago at Chicago and 50th street in South Minneapolis (not the place you usually expect to see a mink. I was out early for my morning jog and it was walking along the path next to Minnehaha Creek. I knew it was a mink but the way it dove into the Creek once it saw me.