Friday, July 1, 2011

Dragonflies, one of the coolest creatures on earth

Dragonfly camouflaged in wood chips
Dragonfly on branch over water

Dragonfly by water
Seems to me that one of the most amazing creatures on earth are dragonflies.  They have tremendous maneuverability, speed and acceleration in the air.  While flying they can simply hoover in midair.

I think dragonflies are also beautiful, and come in a variety of  colors. They have transparent wings and large multifaceted eyes.

My ancestors, the Norwegians, call dragonflies "Øyenstikker", which literally means Eye Poker.  Not quite sure why this would be, as I've never been poked in the eye by a dragonfly, have you?

If their aeronautical skills weren't enough to instill awe, they also eat many times their weight in mosquitoes every day.  What's not to like about that?  If I were a mosquito and saw a dragonfly coming after me with that kind of speed and those large eyes, seems I might die of a heart attack before it could capture me.

My vote for the world's coolest creature... the dragonfly!  What's yours?

Dragonfly on stump
Dragonfly on branch over water

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