Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Animals on Oahu

Koi with reflection in Japanese garden
I observed many feral animals on my hikes around the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  Seems there were cats all around the campus.  Signs were posted instructing people not to feed them.  I'm guessing the the great abundance of birds, they find plenty of food on their own.  Though I didn't seem to find too many fat feral cats.

Feral cats
In addition to cats, there was also a great abundance of wild chickens in the hills north of the campus.  I was surprised that they were allowed to roam freely.  Despite high costs of living on the islands of Hawaii, these chickens haven't found their way to the dinner table. 

Sadly there are also many homeless people living in Hawaii.  One gentleman told me that some get one way tickets from the mainland to live in Hawaii.  Given the mild year round temperatures I can imagine how this could be a better location than a place like my home state of Minnesota, where freezing winter time temperatures can be deadly.
Feral cats and Spotted Dove

Cattle Egret

Feral Muscovy Duck
Feral Rooster
Feral Chicken

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