Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Giving Tree

White Poplar

White Poplar

I thought of "The Giving Tree" story by Shel Silverstein, when I visited the tree that I loved to take pictures of at the park recently.  It  had been cut down and was still lying nearby.

Monarch Butterfly

In its state of dying it is still managing to provide a perch for birds and butterflies.
Song Sparrow

Pictured are a Song Sparrow, Monarch Butterfly and Eastern Kingbirds on the White Poplar.

An amazing bit of serendipity occurred just this morning, shortly after I took the picture of the Kingbirds.  I met a friend who was on his way to pick up the White Poplar.  He plans to use it in his work making and repairing rustic furniture.  I discovered this after I had already come up with the Giving Tree theme for this blog the night before...
Eastern Kingbirds

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