Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Confusing signs

Not sure if you're comin' or goin'?
This sign was located at a restaurant near our hotel in Round Rock, Texas. The funniest part was that the exact same sign was on both sides of the parking lot, so that one of the exit signs was pointing toward the restaurant's lot with the enter arrow directing traffic to the street.

So, clearly you're either exiting or entering, one way or the other....
Worst Bar-B-Q in Texas!
Less than a block from the exit/enter sign above was this sign promoting the "WORST BAR-B-Q IN TEXAS".  I guess if  you can't be the best, why not go for worst?

Maybe the proprietor hopes to change the definition of 'worst' to 'best', along the lines of what happened when 'bad' changed to 'good/cool' in the '70s.  You can find these signs in Round Rock, Texas, exit 254 off of Interstate 35.

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