Friday, March 11, 2011

Pastor Bob Nervig, mentor to many

Bob (Rt) at 2008 Kinship volunteer recognition event
Bob Nervig, a champion for countless young people from disadvantaged circumstances died this past Sunday.  An obituary in today's StarTribune speaks to the life altering difference he made to many.

I got to know Bob these past few years when he served as Kinship of Greater Minneapolis' board president.  His dogged determination, curiosity and attention to details was impressive.

Bob's life was fraught with paradox.  Among many seeming contractions was that though he was single throughout all off of his life, he was also something of a father for many.  Some of the guys he mentored while a student at Luther Seminary have become quite successful, despite the doubts of their high school guidance counselor, who felt he shouldn't waste his time on them.  At first when Bob started showing up weekly to spend time with these guys at the HighY in downtown St. Paul they thought he worked at a cemetery.  He lost esteem in their eyes when they discovered he actually washed dishes at the seminary!

Rest in peace Bob!  You were a great champion for many.  

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