Sunday, March 6, 2011

Food shortages and vegetable gardens

I read with concern an article in today's StarTribune "Land O'Lakes makes case for more food".  It seems food scarcity and a corresponding rise in food prices have moved 44 million people in developing nations into poverty since June.

While most of us can't seemingly do much about the rise in the world's population or global climate change that is impacting farmers ability to keep up with demand, there are some things we might consider. Here in the US Victory Gardens were popular during World Wars I & II, in order to ease pressure on food production.  Why not encourage this once again?  First Lady Michele Obama is setting a great example by growing a vegetable garden at the White House.  Seems we  have lots of grass growing in yards around this country that would be great  for vegetables.  It is depressing to think the long journey most of the vegetables we purchase at the store have taken to get to our homes.

I was excited about getting a jump on the late growing season here in Minnesota by making a cold frame.  Just after I constructed the cold frame yesterday morning, entirely out of reused materials, the large glass pane of the shower door broke.  This occurred after the screws holding down the door's handle gave way.  I will likely be in the market for some Plexiglas to fix this problem.

We're also well underway planning a garden at our church with a local 4-H group.  I'm responsible for leading up the garden fence construction.

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