Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recommendations for enhancing political debates

I’m always impressed with how politicians can so convincingly bend the truth during their debates.  I’ve got a recommendation to help us more quickly validate the content of their remarks. Rather than wait for the fact checkers afterwards to tell us just how blatantly false so many of their statements are, I would suggest that a small screen be provided showing a polygraph readout throughout the debate.

While the networks are at it, how about they change that beautiful constitutional backdrop that is being used during the presidential and vice presidential debates. I would prefer to see individual and or corporate logos of the major donors for each of the politicians boldly emblazoned behind them.  The size of the donor’s names could be proportionate to the amount of their donations. Alternatively, instead of simply wearing American flag lapel pins, candidates could debate dressed like race car drivers, with their donor names and logos patched  all over their sports coats.

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