Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pedestrian safety

Cyclist at Nature Valley Bike Race 6/15/12
While walking to a Crystal Fund for Community Progress board meeting last evening I almost got ran over. A little white Honda Fit driver didn't notice me walking across a crosswalk on the green light, and made a right hand turn, apparently not seeing that I was right in front of her car.  Thankfully I was a few feet out and quickly ran to avoid being hit. There was faint street lighting at the intersection, but unfortunately I didn't have on reflective clothing or light colors, other than a white hat.

Reflective vest
Most drivers look only for other vehicles, and not pedestrians or bicyclists. A quick heads up out there for other walkers and bikers, BEWARE!  Use lights if you're riding your bike at night and if possible wear reflective clothing while walking and riding. Remember, you can see the cars far better than they can see you.

And for motorist, please slow down, pay attention, look both ways at intersections while watching for pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles.

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