Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An inconvenient truth about hurricane Sandy

"Sandy though is an overgrown progenitor of Mother Nature, who no one messes with; not even a superpower. As if to remind US Presidential candidates that it is not a good idea to put global warming -- or human aggravated climate change-- on the backburner (as both President Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney have done in this election campaign), Mother Nature appears to have let "loose Sandy to deliver a kick in the American gut." (Hurricane Sandy expected to stun US and be a climate change reminder, The Times of India)

This past week I heard on a radio station that a survey of 50 major stories in American media outlets covering Hurricane Sandy it was discovered that none were discussing the link between this highly unusual and destructive hurricane to climate change.  My search for a story took me to the other side of the world, with an article in The Times of India.

An article in National Geographic, Extreme weather, notes how insured losses are up an average of 50 percent this last year when compared to the previous decade.  A senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research caution that the addition of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is like a baseball player on steroids.  It doesn't mean that he will hit home runs every time he's at bat, but the odds are greatly increased.

Climate models predict an increase in the number and severity of cyclones (which included hurricanes, typhoons and other extreme storms) according to an article, Can we link hurricane Sandy to climate change, in the Smithsonian blog. 

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