Sunday, July 15, 2012

Value of diversity and native plants

Dead grass and healthy weeds
Most of us strive to have a lawn that is completely composed of one or two kinds of grasses, which are usually not native to our area. However may not work well under all weather conditions, such as droughts.  I was reminded of this when examining a lawn at the motel where we recently stayed in hot and bone dry Madison, Wisconsin.

One of the concerns for many in the local gardening movement is of a tendency that large agriculture has toward toward growing massive fields of the same crop year in and year out.  This practice is called monoculture.  Among other things this creates a vulnerability to diseases.  As we realize these extreme weather conditions

I'm reminded that an ecodiverse lawn is a healthy lawn. Not only does it survive local weather conditions, it also provides for the diverse needs of other plants and animals living in the ecosystem.

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