Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pictures with even numbers of items

Pair of yellow flowers near Siren, Wisconsin

Brothers playing music at
Memorial Park in Bayfield, WI
I've heard tell that it is always best to compose pictures or pieces of art with an odd number of items.  It seems to be more soothing on the eyes.  So, just as a test, I figured I pair up a bunch of even number items from pictures I took this past week.  

What do you think?
Tug boats in the Duluth, MN harbor

Iron Ore docks at the harbor in Duluth, MN

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  1. I believe that the statement about odd numbers of items in a picture is true, as your eyes tend to look for things that are different rather than things that are simular. An artist friend of mine did a pen and ink sketch of human faces, the faces morphed into eachother, which keeps your eyes scaning the image for a complete face. Which did Not exist... It is VERY unsettling... :-)
    By having an odd number of items your mind can more easily distinguish and detect differences between the objects within the frame...
    you know "one of these things is not like the others."

    Interesting post.... :-)