Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nature at work deconstructing

Decaying wall
Nature is being allowed to reclaim Brozie Resort, a rustic series of cabins on a lake near Siren, Wisconsin.  The resort was closed some 40  - 50  years ago.  It was fascinating to wander around the abandoned cabins and see how mother nature has been at work.  Even the asphalt roof shingles were being worn down by the elements and vegetation.

The porcelain fixtures may last many hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years.  A couple of aluminum fishing boats and minnow buckets were hanging tough, but remains of a wooden boat were barely visible above the earth, that was firmly making its claim around the wooden hull.

Roof decomposition
It is amazing how with "differed maintenance" nature can almost totally reclaim a place. What might your place of residence look like in 50- 100 years if you totally let it revert back to nature?
Bow of boat being overtaken by the soil

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