Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to help make large scale change

Are you interested in doing more than simply changing your personal habits to help the environment or other important causes that you hold dearly?  Annie Lenoard has produced a short insightful video on "The Story of Change".  In order to make real change we need to get plugged in as change makers: investigators, communicators, builders, resisters and networkers.

There are three components to effective change makers.  First they share a big idea, and go right to the heart of the problem needing to be changed. To be effective they didn't attempt to work alone, realizing the need to engage others in the movement.  Lastly successful efforts took ACTION with their idea and commitment of working together.

What are issues you feel passionately enough about that you are willing to become engaged as a changemaker?

After viewing this video you can take a Changemaker Personality quiz, to find out which type of changemaker you are most like.  Then it is time to get busy making change!

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