Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Demise of business cards

Business card collection
Just when I was feeling pretty good about my collection of business cards I discovered they have become passé (Passing out business cards is quickly becoming passe).

Truth be told that most of my cards found themselves stored away in a box in my desk drawer.  It was fun however to pull them out and remember many, though certainly not all, of my business and personal acquaintances.  I also enjoy seeing the logos and various designs.

Perhaps the most eccentric card I received was one from Foster Friess, the founder of Brandywine Funds. I met him years ago at the founding gathering for a national Christian mentoring association. He had a glossy card with a picture of large moose standing on the cover of his hot tub in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The most fun card I received was from Jim Davis, the cartoonist creator of the Garfield comic strip.  I was sitting in the very back row of a "Helping America's Youth" conference in Washington, DC.  Just ahead of me was Mr. Davis, who graciously signed a business card for our daughter, complete with a colored drawing of none other than a large orange sassy Garfield.

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