Monday, September 5, 2011

Minneapolis Farmers Market

Young vendors at the Minneapolis Farmers Market
Enjoyed a visit to one of our favorite places yesterday, the Minneapolis Farmers Market.  It is typically quite busy, but we discovered going shortly before it closed at 2 it was only modestly crowded. Parking wasn't difficult and there seemed to be plenty of vegetables from which to choose. We loaded up on veggies we didn't grow in our garden, such as egg plant and carrots.

The highlight of the visit was to see these three boys working at a stand.  They appeared to be close friends or cousins.  What a great experience for them to learn about sales and the world of work.  They also are selling one of the best products on the planet, vegetables.

Seems that in modern affluent U.S.A. most kids don't need to work to help their families.  Quite to the contrary, commonly children are a major financial expense to a family. Now that most of us don't live on farms there simply are not many needs or opportunities for kids to help their family make a living. How good it feels to be needed and valued for one's role as a contributor.

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