Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grilled sweet corn

Grilled corn on the cob
When I think of savoring summer one of the things that comes to mind is fresh grilled sweet corn.  Nothing much easier to cook, and nothing can be tastier.  What a deal!

I like to soak the sweet corn in water, husk and all, for about 15 minutes before placing it on a hot outdoor grill.  Then grill for about 20-30 minutes, turning the corn a couple of times during the grilling process to assure it gets evenly cooked.  If you like, you can remove some of the outer leaves to speed up the cooking time. It is overcooked if it bends easily.

Allow the corn to cool a bit before husking (taking off the leaves and silk). After husking the corn it helps to run it through some luke warm tap water to remove any additional silk you may have missed. That's about all that is to it.

Since this is prime time of year for sweet corn is now be purchased most cheaply.  Extra corn can be cooked and frozen for later in the year.  To prepare the corn for freezing it is best to remove the kernels from the cob. A sharp knife can be run down along sided the corn to sever the kernels. This is best done with the larger butt end of the corn resting firmly on a cutting board. This is a messy process, as little bits of kernels and juice tend to get randomly launched around the area, so you might want to do it outside or place newspaper under your cutting area. And be careful with the knife, keeping your fingers out of harms way.

Freshly grilled corn on the cob is one way to enjoy the simple joys of summer!

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