Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gardening update

We had a couple of master gardeners present at the "ground breaking" of the Victory Peace Garden.  The Victory-Robbins 4-H club will be the primary keepers of the garden on the grounds of Valley of Peace Lutheran Church.  An article about this project, "Growing in Faith", can be found on the Metro Lutheran's web page.

The master gardeners were volunteers with Hennepin County Extension. They've got a wonderful Hennepin County Master Gardeners website that provides a lot of valuable gardening information, even about bugs!

Home garden under snow
On the home front, our garden seems to be in the coolest area of our yard, as indicated by the snow cover.  Unfortunately, our back yard slope faces north, rather than south.  I'm hoping to get some cool weather plants growing soon in the cold frame (lower right hand corner of garden).  I've got a number of seeds that have already sprouted, growing under florescent lights in our basement.

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