Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Bald Eagle at Bassett Creek Park

Eagle flying overhead
Sitting at my home office desk I noticed a big bird, the size of a turkey, perched on a cottonwood limb at the park.  I brought out my camera to explore.  It was a bald eagle!  Just as I neared it flew onto the nearby pond and hopped around on the ice. Next it flew over to a tree on the far side of the pond.

Coming in for a landing

I found a bench to sit on, just under the branch where I had first spotted the eagle.  My patience was rewarded when it flew back and landed right where I had come from earlier.  What a beautiful bird.  Not sure the ducks in the park felt the same however.  It dove after a few ducks who quickly headed underwater to avoid being captured.

How's this for sleek and aerodynamic?

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