Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bike ride to Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls
Took my first long (33 mile) bike ride of the year yesterday.  I followed a series of bike trails which took me along Theodore Wirth Parkway, Minneapolis' chain of lakes and then down along Minnehaha Parkway to Minnehaha Falls.  I wanted to see the falls during its peak run off period.

Much to my surprise when I got to the falls there was smoke rising.  No, the creek didn't catch fire.  Rather, there was a work group from Prairie Restoration. They were out cutting and burning brush and trees, with plans of restoring a natural habitat.
Bridge over Minnehaha Creek

Artist at Lake Harriet Band Shell

Rabbit sculpture decorated for Easter
Fishing in Lake Calhoun
On the way home I stopped a few places to take some pictures.  There was brilliant sun shine and a high of around 60 degrees. After an extremely long, snowy winter I have to believe that even the greatest of skeptics were smiling and crying out "hallelujah", there is indeed life after death!

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