Sunday, January 18, 2015

Speaking of Gun Violence

This morning at church I lead a forum on the issue of Gun Violence.  In order to express how guns have infiltrated our language I began with the following introduction...

Earlier in the week when I realized under fire I was responsible for the forum this Sunday on Gun Violence I thought I made a commitment and should stick to my guns and do it. For a while I contemplated shooting from the hip, and simply take a buckshot approach. But then I thought it would be better to utilize some bullet points so I would stay on target.

Before I pulled the trigger, and decided to do this presentation, I received information on a summit; World change through faith and justice: Elevating the issue of gun violence.  Shoot, I thought, if I’m going to drop them dead with presentation, I had better be loaded for bear. Rather than skirting around the issue I thought it best be addressed point blank. I just hope I can make a high caliber presentation and not bomb out! So it is that I’m aiming high, and hoping not to disappoint, when I’m up here under fire on the front lines.  If you have already formed your opinion on this topic, I’m asking you not to jump the gun and be overly critical of me right away.  Please hold your fire until afterwards, and then let me have it, with double barrels if you like. 

The forum went well, and may result in an additional gathering to discuss specific means to reducing the epidemic of gun violence in America. 

A timely editorial on this topic was in today's StarTribune,  A gun in nearly every hand. 

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