Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reducing the impact of waste collection

I wrote the following for our local newspaper this week....

Great to hear that Golden Valley is considering reducing the number of garbage trucks throughout their community.  With an average truck weighing 64,000 pounds, and getting extremely poor gas mileage, it would be a big win for the environment to consolidate this service.  I sure wish we didn’t have so many loud, polluting trucks roaming through the city of Crystal. Certainly it is also a safety hazard having these many trucks starting and stopping throughout our neighborhoods.

Did you know that a single waste collection truck has the relative impact of 830 cars? That’s a lot of additional wear and tear, especially when you multiply that by multiple garbage haulers.  A Roseville study on this topic concluded that limiting the number of garbage trucks to only one hauler could extend the usefulness of the street 5 to 10 years.  Wow, that offers a significant savings for us taxpayers.

I would also think that the collective bargaining power of a city, versus individual households, could also be a big win for residents. 

All the best to Golden Valley as you consider this economically and environmentally beneficial decision to have a single garbage hauler.  I hope that the city of Crystal will soon follow.

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