Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rejecting senior discounts

One of my mentors, a successful businessman, once commented on how he refused to participate in AARP's senior discount program.  He didn't feel he either needed or deserved a discount.  Now that I'm also eligible I've followed his lead.

My friend's perspective was reinforced in a recent StarTribune editorial, Do America's seniors really need those discounts?.  I've long felt that young families are the most financially stressed segment of our society.  Many have huge college loans and gigantic day care costs. Then when you add food, health care, housing and transportation expenses, combined with starter salaries, it is a wonder more aren't homeless.

While I understand the value of marketing to seniors, who often have considerable disposal income, as a justice issue I don't like it.

I addressed this issue in a blog entry earlier in the year after hearing Lori Eber address this topic,  Boomers: Let's give up our senior discounts.

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