Sunday, June 9, 2013

Growing too rich from food?

How rich is too rich?  An article in today's StarTribune provides a hint ($10M house ready for wrecker).  A 10 million dollar home, and an architectural masterpiece on Lake Minnetonka, may be torn down to be replaced with an even larger home.  Donald C. MacMillian, one of the heirs of the Cargill company, a worldwide food company, is the buyer behind this possible destruction.  It seems a bit hard to swallow that while we have a dramatic increase in the number of people going hungry in this nation, especially among children, one of the benefactors of a major food company has such vast wealth that he can tear down and replace a 10 million dollar home.


  1. I just read Luke 12 13-21.. Sort of relates to this article i think....

  2. it certainly does. Thanks for sharing.