Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You know it is cold weather for a run when....

You know it is cold weather for a run when...
  1. You choose to run in felt lined sorrels over Nikes… warmth over weight!
  2. Instead of the regular contact lens solution, you use the purple ultimate, all season kind, good for temps down to 35 below zero, to keep your lenses from freezing to your eyeballs
  3. You wear so many layers that your arms’ and legs’ ability to bend is significantly compromised
  4. The sound of crunching snow underfoot is louder than nearby rushing street traffic
  5. The vast fog you create from exhaling threatens your navigational skills
  6. The only living things you see are leafless trees, who you’re pretty sure would have headed south were they not so well rooted
  7. The distinctly male organ contracts to a pre-pubescent size
  8. The frost that develops on your eyelashes and brows gives you the look of a flocked Klondike Kate
  9. You burn twice the number of calories as a run in warmer temps, in order to keep your blood from freezing over
  10. Instead of the usual cool down of walking around the block, all that is necessary is a brisk walk the length of the driveway to the front door

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