Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ideas to reduce gun violence

With the never ending amount of gun violence occurring daily across the United States, one has to wonder just what actions could be taken to make an impact on this epidemic.  The Children's Defense Fund produced a document, Protect children, not guns 2012, where they provided some suggestions.

1.  Parents, remove guns from your home
2.  Support common-sense gun safety measures for the nation
            e.g. plug the gun show loophole
            Reinstitute the ban on assault weapons
            Strengthen restrictions on people convicted of a violent misdemeanor or a violent act as a juvenile
            Require consumer safety standards and childproof safety features for all guns.
3.  Help state and local governments protect children from guns  e.g. repeal “Stand your Ground" laws.
4.  Incorporate nonviolent conflict resolution as a part of our homes, schools, congregations and communities.
5.  Boycott products that glamorize violence
6.  Focus attention on the number of children killed and inured by gun violence
7.  Support innovative efforts to promote positive youth development

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