Friday, June 20, 2014

More extreme weather

We had another extreme perception event, with 3.7" of rain just yesterday.  Streams are overflowing and thousands of basements are flooded. Many farm fields throughout the state are underwater. There is an area of SW Minnesota that has received over a foot of rain during the course of a week. (Across Minnesota, relentless rainfall creates perils and hassles).

A couple of years ago, at a presentation on climate change by Dr. Gene Takle I learned: In addition to global warming there is now a tendency for the springs to be wetter, while the falls become drier. Dr. Takle aslo noted that will continue to experience more extreme floods and droughts and weather events. The stratosphere is getting cooler while the troposphere is warming.

Pictured right is a great blue heron standing nearby a submerged walking trail around Bassett Creek Park.

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