Friday, December 27, 2013

Obesity rate in Mexico tops US

Even in Mexico, a nation that has a staggering rate of poverty, obesity is a huge problem. Mexico tops the world with an obesity rate of 32.8 percent. The nation's president, Enrique Pena Nieto, is now encouraging Mexicans to exercise an hour a day.  The parliament has also passed a law which adds a significant tax on junk food and sugary drinks.

Like the US has discovered, the healthcare consequences of obesity are staggering.  Already some 9.2 percent of the children in Mexico are impacted by diabetes.  In addition to the rising popularity of fast, highly processed foods, Mexicans drink on average 43 gallons of sugary drinks, like Coca Cola, per person per year.

An article, Mexico to tackle obesity with taxes on junk food and sugary drinks, further describes the situation.

PS  The obesity rate in the United States is 31.8 percent.  We can give significant credit to our legislators for this. The cost of soda, chips and other junk foods made with corn syrup, is subsidized by the US government (How billions in dollars subsidize the junk food industry) .

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