Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World Food Day

Today people around the globe are taking time to  focus on best practices to end world hunger.  The theme for 2013 is "sustainable food systems for food security and nutrition".  Tragically there are thought to be 842 million hungry people on the planet. One out of every 8 people doesn't have enough food to live a healthy and productive life.

Two billion people are thought to lack the proper micronutrients necessary for good health. Many lack fresh vegetables and fruits; important components of a healthy diet.

Due to current land practices it is estimated that nearly 60 percent of the ecosystems around the world are degraded and are not being used in a sustainable manner. One of World Food Day's goal is to draw awareness to efficient and productive farming practices, in order to reduce waste and pollution.

You can read more about World Food Day on the following website,

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