Monday, October 14, 2013

Exceedingly long receipts

Bakery and Post Office receipts
I'm getting tired of exceedingly long receipts.  It seems most everywhere I go the receipts have gotten longer and longer.  Some, such as the lengthy post office receipt at right, invite the customer to purchase greeting cards, utilize the self-service kiosk, order stamps on-line, sign up for a Secure Post Office Box, provide a Bill # and Clerk #, and remind the purchaser that all sales are final on stamps and postage, and finally invite the customer to tell them about their recent postal experience through and on-line survey.

Breaking this trend toward excessiveness was a receipt I received after purchasing a slice of baklava, from a small eastern European grocery and bakery.  This receipt thanked me, indicated the date, time and item purchased, the type of purchase (cash/credit) and total amount of purchase.  Now that's a receipt after my own heart!

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