Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day clean-up

Sample of some of the garbage collected
Took and hour to do some clean-up around the pond  yesterday. I quickly filled four plus bags with styrofoam, plastic bottles, etc. I'm ashamed of my species. What does one say about all this mess to the waterfowl, fish and plants... or to the future generations that will inherit this planet? Hard to explain why people are still drinking beverages from plastic bottles and styrofoam cups that provide them with momentary comfort, yet can remain as trash in the environment almost indefinitely. We can do better than this!

Out of curiosity I looked up alternatives to styrofoam cups on the internet.  Here's one option that I found, no doubt there are many better other alternatives out there too.... Repurpose Compostables.  My favorite options for tea or coffee are a real ceramic mug or insulated traffic mug for travel.  

A multitude of reusable water containers are also available as alternatives to the all too popular throw away plastic bottles.  My current favorite transportable way to drink water is with a stainless steel cylinder.  A drinking glass still works pretty darn good too!

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