Sunday, December 23, 2012

NRA Doubles down on guns

In an audacious move, the National Rife Association (NRA) held a press conference on December 21st and recommended armed security guards for every school in America. After making this suggestion the NRA spokespeople promptly left the podium and would not take questions.  I'm not making this up. The press conference can be viewed online (Fallout of the NRA's press conference continues increasing).

Rumor has it that being embolden by the recent school massacre in Connecticut the NRA is adding bumper stickers in their Christmas Catalogue…

Imagine a safer America: A revolver in every glove compartment and an assault rifle in each of our schools.

Turn those plowshares into Bushmasters.

Better be nice.  Santa’s packing this year.

Jesus aka ‘Prince of Peace’: Just another misguided compassionate liberal

I love doves, they taste great.

And lastly, to complement the existing bumper sticker, Keep honking I’m reloading…

Go ahead, make my day, cut me off.


The NRA suggests that more "good guys" need to have firearms to fight the "bad guys".  I have to agree that guns in the ‘right hands’ are really no threat to others or me.  So, what might constitute ‘right hands’? 

Someone who has taken a gun safety course and who always keeps the gun(s) safely locked, and who would never provide access to their gun(s) to anyone who hasn’t had a gun safety course. 

Someone who is peace loving, and would only use a gun as the last resort to save himself or herself or a loved one, and who ALWAYS will live alone or with others who share such a disposition. 

Someone without a criminal record, or who has anyone with a criminal record living in his or her household, and who will NEVER have a criminal record or will EVER have another with a criminal record living in his or her household.

Someone who is always level headed, and NEVER experiences road rage or fits of temper, who will ALWAYS be level headed and will NEVER have a hot head living in his or her household.

Someone who is not, or EVER WILL BE mentally ill, or have a person suffering mental illness living in his or her household, NOW OR IN THE FUTURE.

Seems sensible to me, what to you think? Ideas on how we can provide so that such screening to ensure that above criteria are met?

Finally, the recent doubling down by the NRA has me thinking of one of its biggest advocates, the late Charlton Heston.  Despite the fact that he played to role of Moses in the Ten Commandments, I can just about imagine his cold dead mouth saying, “To hell with the sixth commandment, America’s got the second amendment!”  God bless America!?

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