Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gun violence and escalation of gun sales

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Tragedy befell a Minneapolis family earlier this week when a four-year-old boy shot and killed his two-year-old brother with a gun that he found in his home.  The gun was a purchased by the boy's father at a Gander Mtn. store (Loaded gun that killed 2-year-old was stored behind pillow). 

While it is not directly the gun store's fault that this accident occurred, the prevalence of guns in our society makes accidents like this much more likely to occur.  I find it particularly appalling to see the Rambo style assault rifles that are advertised and sold by stores like Gander Mtn.  I understand the marketing of guns and rifles for hunting purposes, but it appears much of of what is being marketed is for "self defense". 

With the escalation of gun sales, both over the counter and through the underground market, it is becoming increasingly common that the police are out gunned by the "bad guys", who have higher caliber weapons.  The United States weapons race is not limited to our overly ambitious military industrial complex.

"Gun World"
Have a gun in your  home?  Be sure to keep it locked up and away from young hands.

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