Saturday, June 2, 2012

President Obama visits Honeywell

United States President Barack Obama paid a visit to the Twin Cities yesterday.  In addition to a couple of fund raising meetings he also spoke at the Honeywell plant in Golden Valley.  He chose this location because of their excellent track record of hiring military veterans returning from the war.  More information on his visit in the StarTribune article, "As hiring slumps, Obama presses jobs for veterans".

I waited at Sandburg School, across the street from Honeywell, to watch the president's motorcade pass by.  It was exciting for the students, staff and community members to witness the many cars and vast security involved with the motorcade.  I hoped to get a quick picture of the president among the stretch limousines and vast police escort, but it seems I got US Senator Amy Klobachar instead.  Who knows, she too could become a president some day. Now that the race barrier has been broken the gender barrier may not be too far behind.

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