Sunday, October 2, 2011

Historic Fort Snelling

 I enjoyed a visit to the Historic Fort Snelling yesterday morning, after dropping off a friend at nearby Minneapolis international airport. 

At Fort Snelling I discovered people dressed in the attire of the days when the fort was active, back in the eighteen hundreds.  They also reenact everyday life, including baking, metallurgy, woodworking, etc.

One of the reenactments was the raising of the flag nearby the round tower, which is thought to be the oldest structure in the state of Minnesota, dating back to approximately 1820.

I arrived before the flag raising and noticed an interesting shadow of the flag pole on the round tower, pictured left.

The soldiers were inspected (below) before the flag raising.  The rifles were stood up in a circle (lower right) to keep them from getting dirty when they were not needed.

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