Thursday, October 20, 2011

Claiming our roles and identity

All day yesterday it felt like I wasn't getting anything done.  Yet, as I reflect I was able to...
Garbage collected by pond
  • read from the book "Your Money or your Life" and generate a related blog entry
  • take a long walk with a friend and our dog
  • put together some information regarding steps for developing a nonprofit and disseminated it to the advisory committee of Project Sweetie Pie, which I'm helping to serve
  • mow the yard, mulching up leaves into the yard
  • help our pastor edit a stewardship letter for church (Valley of Peace Lutheran)
  • arrange a meeting to discuss possible consulting work for a website developer that has a product he would like to offer to nonprofits (adaptive portal)
  • frame a couple of large photographs I had taken
  • send a card to a friend who's mother had passed away
  • post a few pictures on TPT's Capture Minnesota website and comment on other photos
  • clean up some litter around the pond while on a run
  • grill bratwurst for supper
  • practice with the church choir
Whew, lots of various roles played in one day!  I was a blogger, home owner, walker/runner, friend, church/community/park volunteer, choir member, photographer, and cook.  So, while I didn't do anything that generated an income, I felt like I was making a contribution to the world.  I can live with that, albeit somewhat modestly ;-)

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