Friday, July 30, 2010

Needed: Ideas for reorganizing church

I'm looking for help. I was tapped to help update our church bylaws. We still have an old structure from 20 years back of committees for various functions; social ministry, youth, worship and music, etc. However I've learned that there are actually very few committee members, and quite often only a council representative for these areas of ministry.

My question is, what is a better way for us to organize our church structure to better reflect the busy nature of people's schedule and their reluctance to join committees?

Is there better terminology for a committee?

How else might we manage the affairs of the church, but not tap too heavily into people's time?

Ideally I would love for most of church member's discretionary time to be utilized directly in service, versus church management. We've got a wonderful service team model to engage people to cover the Sunday worship activity (ushering, communion, greeters,etc), which if you're interested I could share.

I would love to hear what you think about ways in which we might restructure our church.

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